Have your say on how the Council spends its budget in 2019-20

19 November 2018

Have your say on how the Council spends its budget in 2019-20

As we head into Christmas and New Year, we’re consulting on how the Council budget should be spent in 2019/20 and we’re actively seeking the views of local businesses.

Things such as domestic abuse, homelessness, care in old age, insecure jobs, low pay and keeping vulnerable children safe are all real issues in this district right now, but they only affect a few people directly. Unlike other issues that affect nearly everyone such as bins, litter and roads.

We want the Wakefield district to be a place where people thrive, businesses succeed and visitors are welcome.

To achieve this, we’re planning to align the Council budget to support the delivery of our priorities:

·Successful businesses – Growing a higher value economy and creating good jobs.

·Successful people – Reducing inequalities, growing skill levels, enabling a good quality of life and supporting families.

·Successful places – Celebrating a unique cultural offer and creating vibrant communities that are better connected.

·Successful council – Ambitious, enterprising, dedicated and efficient in delivering excellent services.

Our challenge is to try and balance the delivery of services that affect everyone, along with delivering services that only affect a few.

Cuts in our Government funding, and increase demand for some services mean we need to deliver things differently and find new ways of funding what we do.

We’re asking for views on where we should invest our budget to best focus on our priorities, help businesses thrive and improve the lives of residents. To give your views please visit here

A copy of the 2018/19 budget can be found here

The consultation is open until Sunday 6 January 2019 after which the views collected will be used to inform the budget proposals for 2019/20, which will be published on 5 February 2019.