Channel 4 HQ plans to be explored after “breakthrough” moment

14 November 2018

A meeting next week is set to discuss the next steps following the landmark news that Channel 4 has chosen Leeds as the location for its national HQ and to explore the wider impact the decision has on the screen and creative sectors in the Leeds City Region which includes Wakefield.

The Channel 4 decision to relocate outside London is set to lead to up to 250 jobs being based in the Leeds national headquarters.

Early estimates from the West Yorkshire Combined Authority are that the decision will contribute to more than 1,200 new jobs in the next ten years, and a cumulative impact of £1.2bn to the Leeds City Region economy.

Councillor Judith Blake, leader of Leeds City Council, said: "The announcement by Channel 4 to locate their national HQ in Leeds was a breakthrough moment for the city, and the start of a truly formidable partnership with the major broadcaster.

"Moving forward from the announcement, we are working closely with Channel 4 to ensure we use the momentum the news has generated as a catalyst for wider transformation of the TV/Film and creative sectors across the city region, as well as a chance to boost our economy, create more local jobs and create opportunities for our young people to further enhance the diversity of the sector.

"Leeds and the city region have a unique opportunity which will allow a huge host of benefits to be recognised by the wider ecosystem and must not be missed. As a partnership we will work proactively to make sure Channel 4's influence is felt within in the city region, especially Bradford and York and across the wider North and East of the country.

"We will be looking to develop initiatives which will maximise the investment benefits of Channels 4's decision, be that through developing new skills and training initiatives within the TV/Film sector, working with schools and education providers, as well as looking at expanding the TV, film and production capacity in Leeds.

"There are very exciting times ahead, and we look forward to the huge impact this will have on a number of sectors in the city, and look forward to seeing this come to fruition in the near future."