Works Better Top tips to creating a Healthy Workplace

25 October 2018

Top tips to creating a Healthy Workplace 

Creating a healthy workplace is being proven to be fundamental to not only support employees health and wellbeing but also workforce productivity.

When you talk about creating a healthy workforce it’s not huge changes that need to be made, it can be building on what’s already there;

1. Strengthen communication 

If you have a team that communicates well it’s very important to companies because it allows members of the team to be productive and operate effectively. Employees can experience an increase in morale, productivity and commitment if they are able to communicate up and down the organisation.

Having mental health ambassadors or even just a buddy in the system for members of staff to talk to and confide in when they feel down or stressed about something can also be a real asset to supporting mental health in the workplace.

2. Encourage creativity

Showing that you value your employee’s ideas and opinions can really help to boost morale and creativity. By giving more flexibility to ways of working, companies may often find that they are unable to unlock potential in employees that come up with new innovative ways of working that utilises each staff member’s skills and supports retention.

3. Be more efficient 

By ensuring that you get the most out of your staff it helps to ensure that they are working in an effective way – Could meetings be done more flexibly or digitally? Are there procedures in place that are due an upgrade with new technology which can help people focus on more significant tasks? It would be good to look at how you currently operate, communicate with your team and ask if there are smarter ways of working that could be adapted.

4. Encourage physical activity where you can

Healthy employees are more likely to be happier. Businesses can look to support their employees’ health and well-being by offering subsidised gym memberships, encouraging physical activity via cycle to work schemes or local schemes like couch to 5K challenges.

5. Stay up to date

With new technology being released ensuring that you are up to date can really help your employees when working flexibly and within the office, stopping slow broadband / system speeds slowing your team down. Equipping your employees with web-enabled tablets, smartphones and other devices can allow them to maximise their potential.

6. Employ the right people

Are you considering your team when you look to hire new people and are they the right people? Making sure you have a diverse range of skills and expertise is important. It’s also important to be a good judge of character and consider personality and values which goes towards a healthy workplace. 

If you would like some more advice and support on creating a healthy workplace then the Works Better team would be happy to have a conversation. Call 01484 221000 and ask for Works Better or register online

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