Call for expression of interest for establishing a list of external experts for the provision of business support activities and ERDF programme management in connection with the Wakefield Business Support Programme.

The aim of Wakefield Business Support Programme (WBSP) is to deliver a package of business advice and support to SMEs and potential entrepreneurs (the target group) that will lead to improving business performance, new business start-ups, and new employment, particularly in the most deprived communities in Wakefield district.

This programme is funded by the Yorkshire and Humber European Regional Development Fund 2007-13 Programme. Delivery partners are Wakefield Metropolitan District Council, RCP21, South Kirkby and Moorthorpe Town Council and South Elmsall Town Council.

Overall Requirements of the External Expert;

 The objective of this call for expressions of interest is to compile a list of external experts, who will then be considered on a as needed basis, to deliver various bespoke business support services and ERDF Programme Management.

Business Support services will include marketing, website design and production, business support, book-keeping and accountancy, project management, ERDF programme management and mentoring

The External Expert will support both partners and clients within the programme. They will be assigned to a partner/client and will have clear terms of reference which will include duration of assignment, costs and expected outcomes. Prior to undertaking an assignment the appointed external expert(s) will be expected to attend a briefing session on the Wakefield Business Support Programme

External Expert List

After reviewing each registration of interest RCP21 will draw up a list of experts who meet the required levels of relevant expertise. The Experts on the list will be invited to deliver various tasks or projects depending on the requirement of partner/client that matches with their proven area of expertise as registered on their listing on the external experts list.

Please note if you do choose to submit your details through this call and application process, there is no guarantee of work.

How is an Expert chosen to deliver a task or project?

The partner/client who requires an expert will be sent up to three names from the List of approved external experts for the relevant area of business support for the partner/client to choose from. RCP21 will endeavour to match client requirements with the skills, experience, track record, value for money and the cost of the nominated experts from which the client can choose.

How will the Expert be paid? And evidence to be produced before payment

Experts will be paid retrospectively on production of evidence for the number of hours of intervention with partner/client and associated invoices for services. The evidence to be produced will include the type of work undertaken and what impact/achievement was gained. The expert will be responsible for completing and submitting invoices, schedule of works (timesheets) and programme related Business Engagement forms (Forms BE1,2,3 will be supplied by RCP21) and signed by the partner/ client. Evidence material would include one or more of the following - business plans, marketing plans, websites, report on activity undertaken and collection and compilation of any required evidence of any WBSP ERDF outputs being claimed.  All related documentation produced will remain the property of the Wakefield Business Support Programme.

Type of Expertise required

-Web site design and production
-Business Support  - Accessing  Funds for Business start-up and Expansion, Producing Business Plans and Cash Flow Forecasts
-Bookkeeping and Accountancy
-Project Management
-ERDF Programme Management

Duration of the requirement for External Expertise

The requirement is from the Thursday 9th October 2014 to Tuesday 30th June 2015. External Experts may be required at any time within the period above but there is no guarantee of any work during this period

How to apply to be on the List.

Complete and submit registration of interest form ERDFIR -01 and return to Nicola Parker on Incomplete registration of interest forms will not be accepted.

Expressions of interest received from applicants with a team of experts/more than one provider of expertise should ensure that they register the name of the individual with the relevant expertise

The closing date for registration is 5pm Thursday 2nd October 2014

Should you require further information or clarification before you decide to Register your interest, then please contact Mohan de Silva on 01977 651624 or email