Apprenticeship Grant for Wakefield Employers ... One Person, Big difference.

Are you a business with less than 50 employees?

Are you a Construction, Manufacturing, Engineering, IT or Digital Business?

Never employed an apprentice?

Want to recruit your future software developer, IT project manager or data analyst... You can with an apprentice?

Did you know that there are Grants available of up to £2000 are for businesses with 50 or fewer employees to recruit an apprentice for the first time. You can apply for the apprenticeship grant for employers (AGE) from Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP)

The LEP launched the Apprenticeship Grant for Employers (AGE) on 1 Wednesday August 2018 as a catalyst reflecting the big difference an apprentice can make to a business. Including business growth, training staff in the skills a business needs, retaining staff and futureproofing & shaping staff to make sure they are right for the business. 

Apprentices must be 19-24 years of age and the apprenticeship must be following a recognised Apprenticeship Standard or Framework and respond to city region identified skills gaps in the construction, manufacturing and engineering and IT sectors, including digital. 

One person can make a big difference in your business ...

For further information and required criteria see the document below ...


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