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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership is a contractual relationship formed between a company and an academic institution ('Knowledge Base' partner), which enables the transfer of knowledge, technology and skills to help the business overcome a problem or bring a project to fruition. The KTP can be focused on a variety of problems which could range from developing a marketing plan, solving a technical problem or helping bring a new product or process to completion. The KTP employs one or more recently qualified people (known as an Associate) to work in a company on a project of strategic importance to the business, whilst also being supervised by the Knowledge Base Partner with the Associate usually to undertake a postgraduate qualification.

KTP projects can be between 12 and 36 months. The Associates are either postgraduate researchers, university graduates, or individuals qualified to at least NVQ (Level 4) or equivalent.

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Inspiring skills is a not for profit collaborative initiative to help inspire and align young people with the needs of business. This will be achieved by facilitating improved business-education participation and the use of collaboration technologies to help young people in the following ways;

Unlock potential i.e. Self confidence, Empowerment and Inspiration

Develop non-academic complimentary “soft” skills

Recognise and develop work skills

Provide consistent business engagement in education

Improve access to business guidance resources

Understand the skills gap and emerging/growth sectors.


To provide a reliable and sustainable work force that meets the changing demands of business through improved confidence, synergy and inspiration of our young people.


We are developing a smart device application called Squirrelit to enable young people to collect their hobbies and achievements as coloured acorns representing the different work skills that employers are demanding.


UK Businesses have identified a shortfall in "soft" generic skills and "Hard" sector specific skills. In contrast education providers and local governments are seeking closer relationships with business to help deliver enriched curriculums and business programmes to motivate young people.

Inspiring Skills is developing toolkits and state of the art technologies to bring business, education and local authorities together. This will enable local government and education providers to monitor demands and shortfalls in specific sectors.

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