Funding for Business


Our team of business growth managers are here to support you and your business access funding opportunities to support you with your growth plans in the district. There are a range of schemes that are available to support your business and our dedicated business growth managers will be able help identify which funding you and your business may be eligible for and will guide you through the application process.

Find out what your business may be eligible for through the below funding schemes…


Local Contacts:
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Business Growth Programme

Grants of between £10,000 and £50,000 are available to support businesses in West Yorkshire, looking to grow and create new jobs.

Please contact the local contacts above if interested, who can help you complete the application.


  • The grant is limited to a maximum of 20% of capital costs, subject to a minimum grant of £10,000 and maximum of £50,000.
  • Eligibility is restricted to businesses with 100 employees or less.
  • All projects must be completed and grant claimed by 31 December 2022.
  • The Programme will remain open for applications until 30 September 2022 or until the budget is fully committed, whichever comes sooner.

Connecting Innovation

  • Support for SMEs to develop new products or services to take them to market or to introduce robotics/digitised manufacturing processes
  • Connecting SMEs with the right research or knowledge partners to move forward e.g. a university, technology centre or private sector product developer
  • Revenue grants to support the cost of product development, testing, overcoming technological challenges or commercialising new developments
  • Revenue grants of between 35 to 50% of the cost of innovation up to a maximum grant value of £50,000.

Application closing dates every 6 weeks to March 2023.


  • Grants available to SMEs offering apprenticeships to 19-24yr olds, who have never offered apprenticeships before.
  • Core Grant - £2000, with potential of a £500 top-up.


High-growth programme for pre-starts, start-ups and early stage businesses (up to 3 yrs old).

Intensive support including mentoring, workshops, peer-to-peer learning and grants.

Grants up to £25k available dependent on stage of business. Intervention rate up to 50%.

Local Contacts:
Chris Mitchell:



  • Supports SMEs investing in digital technology;
  1. Digital Growth Voucher – Max project cost of £10k up to 50% intervention rate to assist with projects which look to digitally transform your business – can include hardware and software.
  2. Digital Knowledge Exchange - a programme of up to 12 hrs support across workshops, masterclasses, mentoring support and digital audits to help businesses improve their understanding of digital technology and the solutions available to help them to develop their business.
  3. Digital Connectivity Voucher – Design to assist businesses improve their internet connections – up to £3k available, dependant on current broadband speed.
  4. Digital Innovation Voucher – Grants designed to help businesses undergo complete digital transformation – potential for grants in excess of £10k dependant on project.


  • Package of support from the Department for International Trade on how to start or increase exporting.
  • Grants of £2k-£5k are available (50% intervention rate) for businesses on the programme.


  • Package of support tailored to SME-manufacturers
  • Grants of £1k-£1.5k (30% intervention) to access industry experts and deliver improvement projects (e.g. lean manufacturing).


  • What are the existing skills in the workforce - are there any gaps?
  • Evaluate entry-level and high level skills requirements of existing staff
  • Create a bespoke package of support, drawing on the whole skills offer available to us Recruitment Pipeline
  • What are the immediate, short term and longer term requirements?
  • Type of talent/recruitment i.e. Work Placements, Kickstart, Traineeships, Apprenticeships, Graduates, Diverse Workforce 
  • What sources can the business utilise for recruitment? Connections with Education
  • What relationships are in place from primary to university?
  • Ensuring partnerships in place to futureproof workforce requirements, create virtual work experience placements & careers fairs
  • Access to resources and networks for bespoke project requirements 


Grants available for SMEs in eligible sectors looking to invest in machinery which will allow them to grow through innovation (ie bringing a new product to market).

  • Minimum project cost of £20k.
  • 40% intervention rate, maximum grant of £20k
  • Projects must create at least 1 FTE job.


  • Support for SMEs to develop new Supply Chain Strategies.
  • Connecting SMEs and LEs to develop new opportunities.
  • Reduce Supply Chain risk and look at new market opportunities.
  • Help SMEs evaluate and integrate new technology systems, optimising process and people performance.
  • Help the development of Supply Chains in larger businesses through securing local SME provision, improving performance of current suppliers and finding local alternative local suppliers.
  • The potential to introduce 3rd party specialists to support the implementation of key actions.
  • Grants of up to £5k with an intervention rate of 50%


Vouchers available up to £2500 to assist SMEs with the installation costs of gigabit-capable connection.


3 types of funding streams for ‘in-scope’ businesses;

  • Skills and Trading Fund - Up to £10k skills and training funding for small employers.
  • Flexible Fund - For a project you have identified that meets CITB priorities and addresses industry needs.
  • Structured Fund - For projects where CITB has identified a need for investment.

*more information at

KTN – Knowledge Transfer Network

  • Helping you make a success of your ideas delivers growth for the UK economy. We will help you to find: Expertise, Markets, Funding, finance and facilities.
  • Improve your products, processes or business models
  • Supporting UK manufacturing businesses, links to the right knowledge, partners, facilities and funding.
  • Supporting innovators with the transition of products into production, by making targeted links to the right knowledge, partners, facilities and funding.

KTP’S (Knowledge Transfer Partnerships)

  • Transfer of knowledge and expertise of the university into a business
  • Development of innovative solutions to help business grow
  • Improvement of performance and operations
  • University staff embedded into business for 12 months – 3 years, supported by academic staff and specialists
  • Funding up to 67% - spend is also eligible for R&D tax credits.


New programme, aimed at 16-24 year olds, to support unemployed, young people into employment, training, apprenticeships.  The project team includes dedicated careers advisers and employer engagement officers to support the candidate and employer through the process to secure sustained employment.

Further information at

  • Apprenticeship Support for SMEs and Levy Payers.
  • Signposting to suitable training organisations.
  • 90 %  funding of training costs available to qualifying businesses ( 100 % for 16 -18 year olds)  (*SMEs).
  • £ 1000 Grant for recruitment of a 16-18 year old (*SMEs).
  • Digital Account Service advice (*Levy Payers).


The Enterprise Adviser Network
Connects senior leaders in business to senior leaders in schools, to influence and develop the school's career and enterprise strategy, giving students regular and relevant access to employers.  The programme can form part of the business' corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitment. Contact Danielle Hutchings (

Primary Futures
Encourages children to look to the future, be aspirational and think about the career path they might take after leaving secondary school.  Helping to see links between what they are learning in their lessons and their future careers and occupations.  Signup to being a volunteer to help inspire young people to think about what is possible in their futures – go to