There are 18 Secondary, 115 Primary, 3 Nursery and 5 Special schools, and 3 Pupil Referral Units that offer a broad, balanced and rich curriculum.

At statutory education level, pupil performance across the Wakefield district continues to show good school improvement. Pupils’ test and examination results at KS4 are in line with national results and at KS2 continue to improve at a faster rate than that nationally.

There is a clear commitment to promoting continuing education beyond statutory school leaving age.  This flexible model enables students to pursue their talents and aspirations whilst at the same time keeping a strong focus on the basics.

The Government has recently raised the Participation Age. The expectation is that by 2015 all young people will engage in education or training up to the age of 17 from 28th June 2013 and then up to the age of 18 from 26th June 2015 onwards. This means that a young person must either enter full-time education, study part-time for 280 hours or more a year alongside employment, or do an Apprenticeship.