Wakefield Business Week, Mon Oct 1 - Friday Oct 5 Sponsored by OE Electrics

The Wakefield districts reputation as a rising star of the northern region and thriving business and commercial hub will take a further boost with its 5th annual business week organised by www.wakefieldfirst.com, this will run from 01 – 05 October. The week will launch at Unity Hall Wakefield, Led by Cllr Peter Box OBE and Wakefield Councils CEO Merran McRae.

Entrepreneurs and organisations from the city are coming together to showcase exactly what the district has to offer when they champion the ambition and potential that the area holds, while sharing in the successes of the world leading organisations who have chosen the city as their preferred place to do business. The week will hi-light sectors such as, Creative and digital, Food and drink, Logistics and Automation and Skills and Education, Via FREE conferences, seminars, workshops and networking events.

Wakefield Business Week led by Wakefield Firsts Wakefield First and the Wakefield Business Conference led by the Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce will bring together those who are passionate about the city and the district within which they work and have chosen to be located.

Contact Kelly Galvin: kgalvin@wakefield.gov.uk

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